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Welcome to International Society of Human Movement Sciences

A Full and Healthy Life is Pure Movement.

Abstract Background


To promote more health and quality of life for all humans through the development of scientific knowledge in the broad area of health and movement sciences.


The International Society of Movement Sciences is a worldwide scientific association that seeks to facilitate the connection of professionals in the health field, from various professions, including Physical Education Professionals, Physical Therapists, Doctors, Nurses, Psychologists, Nutritionists, Social Workers, among others.

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We establish partnerships with researchers from all countries, regardless of any ideological, political, or religious bias, because we believe that it is up to researchers to try to do the opposite of what politicians around the world have been doing for centuries, that is, to recognize and respect differences and, from them, contribute to the consolidation of a more equal and sustainable world for all.

Abstract Background


The ISHMS (International Society of Human Movement Sciences) plays a vital role in the global promotion of scientific knowledge, transcending linguistic barriers by disseminating research in various languages, enriching the dissemination in languages such as Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, among others.

Furthermore, the society fosters connections among health researchers, recognizing the interconnection between physical, mental, social, and environmental health. Ethics guide its mission by encouraging responsible application of advanced technologies, such as artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, and genomics.

The ISHMS also honors and celebrates notable health scientists, regardless of the languageof publication, through awards that acknowledge achievements in diverse areas of investigation.


Promote the dissemination of scientific knowledge published in all languages, in addition to English. This includes Spanish, Mandarin, Arabic, Portuguese, Hindi, Bengali, Punjabi, Italian, Russian, German, Japanese, French, among others. 

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Foster scientific partnerships among researchers in the broad area of health, given our understanding of health based on its transphenomenality between physical, mental, social, and environmental health.
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Encourage the ethical use of advances in technologies in the health field, especially artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, and genomics.
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Award and recognize researchers in the broad area of health. These researchers, regardless of the language in which it was published, have stood out in different areas of investigation in different award categories.
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As a researcher, teacher, or student, you are our guest. Join us on this journey to help show that science has much to contribute to a better world. This is not only for us humans but also for all ecosystems on the planet.

There are three ways for you to become a member of ISHMS, associated with elements of all known forms of life. They are:

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For those who enjoy navigating through various areas of scientific knowledge, reflecting on how different phenomena are inherently connected.

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For those who embrace the challenges of facing rough seas in scientific research, dealing with controversial topics and scientific issues in an open field.

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For those who prefer the security of solid ground, conducting rigorously controlled experimental research with well-established methods.

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